Terms & Conditions

Safe N Sound  will supply the goods and will perform the design and installation under the following terms and conditions:

1. Quote valid for 30 days.

1.1 Our price is based on the summary of works outlined in our pricing schedule. Changes or additions to our quote after the deposit has been paid and works commenced, will be a variation and may incur variation fees, project management fees and any additional material/labour costs.

1.2 The quote may be subject to a site visit and measurements.

1.3 Safe N Sound  cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing hardware that is not compatible with any newly installed goods. Subsequent in compatibility may result in costs not included in the quote.

1.4 We rely on the information you give us to operate solutions and services. Such information must be complete and as accurate as possible to enable use to effectively complete the job within the price quoted.

1.5 Safe N Sound  will not cover consequential damage or losses.

1.6 All claims and complaints should be received within 14 days of invoicing, so remedial work can be done.

2. Warrant on Safe N Sound  services and goods. All Safe N Sound  services carry a 30 day warranty. This means if there is a problem, which is connected to the service provided, we will try to fix the problem at no extra charge.

2.1 This excludes faults caused by the failure of other components whilst or after service has taken place, or by faults caused through the incorrect use of software or downloaded material, or by faults arising by accidental damage or incorrect use of product.

2.2 Whilst we will use our best efforts to minimise disruption to your pre-existing system, we cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen consequences of our service.

2.3 Our service may affect pre-existing manufacturer warranty validity. It is your responsibility to assess the effect of these on any manufacturer’s warranty and take appropriate action.

2.4 Supplied hardware has a standard manufacturer’s warranty and will vary.

3. Standard payment terms (which apply unless other terms have been agreed on in writing):

3.1 A 70% deposit is required to be paid on acceptance of the job. Full payment is required on the day of final installation. Invoices for monthly progress costs may be issued and should be paid for within 7 days. We reserve the right to halt work if progress invoice is not paid on time.

4. Regular monthly trade customers may apply for a monthly account. Terms of that are payment due 20th of the month following date of our invoice.

5. Safe N Sound  will not accept liquidates damages.

6. Safe N Sound  reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 1.25% per month on overdue accounts where extended credit has not been agreed to.

6.1 Such interest will continue after and notwithstanding judgment until any outstanding debt is paid in full. All unpaid accounts will incur actual collection costs and legal fees and disbursements as incurred by Safe N Sound.

6.2 The ownership of the goods remains with Safe N Sound  until payment in full has been received. The customer will hold the goods as bailee for Safe N Sound.

7. We reserve the right to withdraw the quotation before a written contract has been entered into and/or before the work has commenced.

8. Safe N Sound  shall not be responsible for any delay or damage due to industrial disputes, accidents or acts of God, mischievous damage or other causes beyond Safe N Sound ’s control.

9. Work will commence promptly once these Terms and Conditions have been accepted and deposit payment
has been received.


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