Residential Electrical in Auckland & Mangawhai

The electrical installation and repair industry in New Zealand has undergone a complete transformation. Many homeowners want to upgrade to new electrical systems for their homes. Modern electrical systems will help them save money on their power bills and guarantee extra safety from potential dangers (especially in older villas in Auckland).

These new, more sophisticated electrical appliances require licensed contractors to install them to ensure safety standards.

Let’s say you’re planning on installing a new smart appliance. Your first step is to talk with a qualified electrician before doing any work so that they can give you an outline of the job and a quote.

Here are some tips that will help you hire the right qualified electrician for your residential electrical needs:

1. Get three quotes from electricians in your area. Make sure SafeNSound are one of them. Choosing the cheapest electrician from your list of three is not always advisable. Do more research. The last thing you want is to call back an electrician who has installed faulty wiring in your home and get them to redo the job.

2. Ask for references and read online reviews before hiring an electrician. Don’t be afraid to call previous clients if you can get their contact details from the provider. Make sure that online reviews are from real people that had real work done.

3. Check the company’s licensing and insurance coverage. Always ask to see their practising license and check the expiry date. It is proof that the worker is qualified to do electrical work safely.

4. Make sure they have the right qualifications to do the job you need. You should know what you are looking for in an electrician. If they are not qualified, they probably won’t do a good job.

5. Ask if they offer a warranty or Certificate of Compliance of their work. A CoC guarantees that a licensed electrician has completed the job and meets safety standards set by law and tested.

Buyers in Auckland and Mangawhai are anxious to find a reputable, honest electrician to work in their new property. They worry they might not find a professional and qualified electrician. If they see one, they worry about the high price. Hourly fees could be unpredictable, with no quality craft guarantee.

Homeowners don’t have time to do high-risk jobs themselves but want peace of mind knowing that someone else has got it under control.

As a homeowner, builder or property manager, you probably know how important it is to get your electrical systems checked by qualified professionals.

Shed no tears. Secure your sparks with SafeNSound residential electrical services. We are professionally trained, experienced and certified electrical technicians. We can help you transform the way your home looks and bring it up to safety standards without any hassle or disruption to your day-to-day life.

As one of the leading electrical companies in Auckland, we are proud to provide high-quality residential electrical installations and repairs. Safe N Sound is Control4 Authorised Dealers & Certified Programmers based in Auckland, servicing New Zealand comprehensive projects. Working with us is like dealing with that trusted friend that will always be there for you.

We offer several electrical services, including intelligent home & automation, security and access control, network and Wi-Fi installation. You can trust we will treat your property with care from the initial concept idea to design and installation. Let our experienced staff help you keep everything safe & sound!

What do you need from an electrical system? If you need an installation or repair on a large scale or just some new switches for your home, we do it all at competitive prices without cutting corners! We offer competitive rates at $75 per hour, and we’re happy to quote anything from single power points up to the whole house building! Please call us on 0800 111 234 for a free consultation and quotation below.

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