Why Automated Blinds? Cost, Options and more…

Automated blinds, shades and curtains are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners. Smart, convenient, pleasing to the eye, and with energy saving, temperature, and entertainment benefits.

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Automation for curtains and shades can be set-up in any home by a qualified Safe N Sound Technician, the set-up allows users to control their blinds or curtains via keypads, remotes, touch screens or voice assistance within the home or on your smart phone, tablet, or desktop from home or away. Other names include smart, electronic, automatic, or motorised blinds, and these can include roller or opener style, battery powered or wired.  

Home roller blind, shade and curtain automation is an efficient way to keep warmth in. It is estimated that 60 percent of households heating is lost through New Zealand’s most common single-pane window. Automated blinds allow users to effortlessly close in heat lost through windows created internally from heaters or heating systems and externally during daylight, saving energy usage and costs. This can be done automatically using scheduling based on sunlight hours and setting up modes and triggers customised to your home. 

Security is also an advanced benefit from the installation of smart blinds as you can monitor your window blinds remotely, and also with scheduling it can give the impression that someone is home as the blinds open and close automatically at appropriate times of the day, commonly integrated alongside smart lighting automation and named “mockupancy”. 

Safe N Sound will work with your interior designer or blind supplier to ensure the blinds not only work intelligently but also look right for the space too.

The relevance of these blinds and home automation is a positive upgrade for any household because it provides a futuristic charm to any environment and sustainability benefits too.

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