Residential Security & Access Control in Auckland & Mangawhai

Safety is something you can’t put a price on.

Feeling protected in your home environment is truly priceless and is something we all should have.

Security and access control is a growing market. New technologies such as fingerprint sensors, smart locks, geofencing systems, and lighting controls come out all the time!


The question is: do you need it?

Whether it’s to keep nosy neighbours from snooping around or keeping burglars at bay, it pays to have residential security and access control systems in place. It can be as simple as window sensors and outdoor lighting or more complex with security cameras, alarms, access control solutions and CCTV.


Residential security and access control systems installed can alert you or the authorities if someone enters your building or tries to break into your house without permission. You can also feel safe at night when you’re all alone or with no one else around your home.


Here are the five reasons why you need residential security & access control:

1. Protect your home and family
2. Secure your property with the latest technology
3. Keep intruders out of your house with a well-designed security system
4. Get peace of mind knowing that you can monitor what’s happening in and around your home at all times, even when you’re away on holiday
5. Have complete control over who enters your property by using access control systems such as card readers, keypads, biometric devices, and more
Having a security system in your home is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. It’s now affordable to pretty much everyone, especially when you consider the benefits that come with having one.


These are the things that Auckland & Mangawhai homeowners, builders, property managers, and electricians should consider when updating your security systems:

1. Consider the security and access control needs of your family
2. Evaluate the features you need to protect your property
3. Understand your budget and how it will be best spent
4. Plan for future changes, such as new buildings or renovations
5. Provide a clear brief to the installer or designer, specifying requirements, limitations and expectations
6. Ensure that all parts are compatible with each other (e.g., door locks, alarm system).
As Kiwi’s love gadgets, we’re always looking for ways to make our security and access control system safer and impressive. But did you know that obsession with the latest technology can give criminals a golden opportunity?


Here are the sneaky security holes that might be putting your family at risk without you even knowing it!

  • Leaving the default username and password for your security system unchanged
  • Using an easy-to-guess password for all accounts
  • You are not changing the default network name (SSID) of your wireless router.
  • Leaving a laptop or tablet on an open desk at work, school, or home
  • Using public Wi-Fi without encryption to access sensitive data from a computer or mobile device
  • Losing track of what devices are connecting to the internet
  • Sharing your passwords with others or having too many people with keys
Pretty much every security and access control provider out there will tell you to buy a system – but then what? Where do I start? How does this work?
SafeNSound aims to educate their clients on all the features, benefits and design of residential security systems to make informed decisions about which security package is right for them.
With excellent service comes great responsibility, expertise in residential alarms and equipment, know-how with alarm management and monitoring solutions, and an understanding of legislation around warnings NZ wide.
When we finish, all the doors on your property will automatically lock behind you with a simple wave of your hand to turn off the lights at night (with our top packages).
You can enjoy complete peace-of-mind knowing that Safe N Sound is there when you need us – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our installers have serviced major clients time and again because our customers love us!
Safe N Sound can provide you with the latest security, access control and CCTV solutions controllable from your device or in-wall touch screen throughout Auckland and Mangawhai for homeowners, builders, property managers and electricians. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence – every single time!

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