Electric Vehicle Charger Installation, Auckland

EV Charger Installation by Certified Electricians

Our initial no-obligation consultation will assess your connection and consumption at your home or business. Followed up with a complimentary quote for supply and installation.

All works will be carried out by a Certified Electrician and Electrical Inspector. We guarantee quality service and workmanship. 

We specialise in smart solutions fit for purpose and budget.

Why Install an Electric Vehicle Charger?

The EV Chargers supplied with an electric vehicle plug directly into a 240v socket like a standard home appliance. While this is a convenient option to have, it is not the fastest EV charging method and not the most effective option for charging an EV at home or work. 

Hard-Wired, High Powered Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging is the Best Option. 

Level 2 Electrical Vehicle Chargers are a higher powered EV charging option, meaning faster charge times. Up to half the charging time in fact. Higher powered electric vehicle chargers are a hard-wired solution, and need to be installed by a Certified Electrician who understands EV charging options for your current electrical use, connection and future charging requirements and can recommend the best options for your needs and budget

Smart EV Chargers

For those looking to go the full hog, Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are for you. Offering better connectivity and monitoring. Smart timers allow timing control. Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations must be installed by a Certified Electrician with an understanding of smart technology. 

Indoor & Outdoor Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

IP rated Electric Vehicle Chargers can be used for outdoor installations. A Certified Electrician will need to specify the right indoor or outdoor EV charging option for you. 

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